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LOVE this place! The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable. Dr. Huff is outstanding! The massages are phenomenal, relaxing, & everyone genuinely cares about your well-being. I would recommend to anyone.


I came to Spine and Joint Associates with no feeling in 8 of my fingers, broken toes from loss of feeling in my feet on top of the excruciating back pain that never went away. All this was a result of a bone deformity within the vertebrae of my neck. I was told I could not teach dance for a while, nor dance at all. Devastation set in only to amplify my depression. Every person I encountered at the office treated me with kindness, positivity and love-EVERY time I went in. I started each session with a message that targeted my problem areas. Next I would have great convo on top of an individualized exercise plan with the physical therapists. Those girls always encouraged me to keep working hard to get back to dance. I do the exercises I learned from them every morning. Finally I would meet with Dr. Pinto and he would gently adjust my back and always listened to what was going on with me. I believe in his mission of not always relying on medication, staying positive and knowing that this is not a death sentence. He helped me regain hope and provided a place for me to heal properly, that was more like a spa then doctors office. I truly miss everyone there. Today I can feel all my fingers and toes, I can dance, and depression weight has lifted. I landed my dream job and have a whole new sense of empowerment in physical and mental health. Iam eternally grateful for each person in that office.

Sarah Hess

After living in pain for a year and a half in my neck and shoulders and migraines and headaches everyday, I am so happy to have met Dr. Pinto and staff. After just 3 visits I have had 3 straight pain free days! This to me is life changing. I highly recommend to give them a try!

Dacia Raef

If I could find a 10 stars to rate them.. I will.. if you want a better shot of a better than your best physical life.. come here..by just their voice and smile.. you will already feel better.. you better try em and feel the great change.. you instantly feel the positiveness all over you.. Thanks and Goodluck to everyone SAJA! Go go go!

A Brandon

I started going to Dr. Pinto early January for sciatica issues. I put up with the pain for at least 3 months prior to making an appointment. I am a former patient of Dr. Pinto so I had a plan of where I wanted go for treatment. After working on my piriformis muscle I am feeling almost 100% better! Dr. Pinto and his entire staff are compassionate and professional. After I am released by Dr. Pinto I plan to continue to go in at least monthly for maintenance.

Eileen A. Guyton

This has been a godsend for me! Peter down on Plymouth has made my quality of life so much better. He has relieved certain pain that I've lived with for 13 years. He's brought my constant pain from a 7 to 8 daily down to a 3. I'm truly amazed and blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!

Ryan Jackson

I love the care and welcomed feeling I receive each time I enter the doors at SAJA. The staff care about the wellbeing, comfort, and quality of their patients' treatment. Not once have I had the feeling that they're trying to keep me around the office "just for the income" as I've heard is very typical of other chiropractors' offices - it's been 100% the opposite! There are times when my regularly scheduled appointments are pushed back a bit due to conflicts in my personal schedule, and each of those times, I can't wait to go back in. They're very thorough in treatment, hold close to their 1 hour treatment window, and are very kind about accommodating your needs into their crazy, busy schedule.

Alyssa Anderson

I am so happy that my neurosurgeon referred me to Dr. Pinto. I've been going for several weeks because I've had neck pain for over a year due to advanced arthritis. The treatment plan developed for me has been amazingly helpful. My neck and headaches are much better. I have never felt so relaxed in my life. The staff and physicians are professional, caring and pleasant. Thank you so much for the great care.

Mary Ann Pickens