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Nutritional Medicine

What you put in your body is just as important as what you do on the outside. We offer personalized nutritional medicine services aimed at healing your body both inside and out. Through assessment and treatment of the underlying causes and triggers of the body's dysfunction, we will develope a specific plan to help promote strength, wellness, and balance of the body's processes. We evaluate your individual health needs using a few clinical focuses to better your health. The clinical focuses include dietary analysis, functional testing, targeted supplementation, and lifestyle changes.

Dietary Analysis

Food has a very powerful effect on our health. Food can affect inflammation, organ function, nutrient absorption, and how fast our body can repair itself. Proper selection, promotion, and elimination of dietary items will nourish a proper environment for health and healing. We will discuss your eating habits and make recommendations based on your health needs.

Functional Testing

We utilize conventional laboratory services with many of the hospitals in the area. Functional testing will examine the "root cause" of your condition. Functional testing uses blood, saliva, and urine samples to paint a clear picture of what is promoting the disease process and how to establish optimum health. Functional testing has been used to improve symptoms and health related to certain complaints including: fibromyalgia, chronic inflammation and pain, headaches, digestive disorders including Crohn's and Celiac disease, and cardiovascular and thyroid health.

Targeted Supplementation

Creating a nourishing environment for our bodies to reach optimum health is important. We can recommend a supplementation plan to enhance your health. We look at what your body needs, what nutrients are being absorbed and which are actually being used by your cells, to improve your body's power to utilize and steer energy to repair and heal.

Lifestyle Changes

There are obvious road blocks to reaching your optimum health that can be eliminated and avoided. Proper diet and exercise, avoid smoking, reducing alcohol intake, and getting more sleep are just a few. There are also hidden obstacles in our health that we may be required to overcome in order to accomplish our goals. Examples of these are elimination of toxicities in your immediate environment, regular activities to improve fitness, and establishing time for relaxation and reflection.

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