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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Most insurance companies cover your expenses. We will verify your coverage prior to any session.

Can a person who has had back surgery receive treatment?

Yes, depending on your type of surgery our treatments will be modified appropriately. Post surgical patients get good results.

Do you treat conditions other than back pain?

Yes, we treat a variety of conditions involving the shoulder, elbow, waist, knee hip and foot.

I don't have insurance, how do I afford treatment?

We have several payment options that are designed to fit any budget.

Do you work with other medical specialists?

Yes, we network with most medical specialists in the community. As needed, we co-manage cases with orthopedic, pain and neurosurgeon specialists.

Do I have to have x-rays?

X-rays are only taken if clinically indicated.

How long does an average treatment plan last?

While the average treatment plan ranges between 2-4 weeks, many factors determine your outcome. Your physicians will discuss your treatment plans with you.

How long will my first visit be?

Your first visit can take up to 90 minutes with history, exams and treatment.

What does treatment feel like?

Each treatment modality is gentle and relaxing. We have made every effort to provide a spa-like treatment for your medical condition.

What if I do not respond to treatment?

If you do not make the expected progress, our physicians can make a referral for additional testing or a referral to an appropriate specialist.