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Spine and Joint Associates (SAJA) is a newer concept in healthcare where patients are encouraged to participate and take charge of their own health. SAJA offers chiropractic, physical rehab, massage therapy and acupuncture with offices in Mishawaka and Plymouth serving both St. Joseph County and Marshall County.

We teach lifestyle modification as well.

The SAJA motto is Hope, Empower and Heal: provide Hope to patients that they can get better, Empower patients to get better and through treatment allow them to Heal.

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LOVE this place! The staff is very friendly & knowledgeable. Dr. Huff is outstanding! The massages are phenomenal, relaxing, & everyone genuinely cares about your well-being. I would recommend to anyone. Kate
I came to Spine and Joint Associates with no feeling in 8 of my fingers, broken toes from loss of feeling in my feet on top of the excruciating back pain that never went away. All this was a result of a... More Sarah Hess
After living in pain for a year and a half in my neck and shoulders and migraines and headaches everyday, I am so happy to have met Dr. Pinto and staff. After just 3 visits I have had 3 straight pain fr... More Dacia Raef
If I could find a 10 stars to rate them.. I will.. if you want a better shot of a better than your best physical life.. come here..by just their voice and smile.. you will already feel better.. you bett... More A Brandon
I started going to Dr. Pinto early January for sciatica issues. I put up with the pain for at least 3 months prior to making an appointment. I am a former patient of Dr. Pinto so I had a plan of where I... More Eileen A. Guyton
This has been a godsend for me! Peter down on Plymouth has made my quality of life so much better. He has relieved certain pain that I've lived with for 13 years. He's brought my constant pain from a 7 ... More Ryan Jackson
I love the care and welcomed feeling I receive each time I enter the doors at SAJA. The staff care about the wellbeing, comfort, and quality of their patients' treatment. Not once have I had the feeling... More Alyssa Anderson
I am so happy that my neurosurgeon referred me to Dr. Pinto. I've been going for several weeks because I've had neck pain for over a year due to advanced arthritis. The treatment plan developed for me h... More Mary Ann Pickens